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Alaziz Turkish Resturant, since 2013, we have been working non-stop to provide unparalleled service to you, our valued customers, with its understanding of service and its excellent flavors.

Located in the heart of its guests, Alaziz Turkish Resturant; It continues to differentiate with its professional experience, qualified team, delicious recipes, service and product quality.


Continuing its service in Muscat, Al Mabella, Alaziz Turkish Resturant, with its renewed menu and interior, continues to bring quality and comfort to our valued customers.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Aiming at 100% customer satisfaction with its human-oriented approach, the brand never compromises on the quality it offers from the day it was founded; It is proud to host millions of people with its hygienic and delicious products.

Alaziz Turkish Restaurant, which is the second address of everyone from seven to seventy, serves 7 days a week between 10:00 - 02:00, we have been welcoming our customers with the same slogan for years ...

We are happy with you ...

Delicious sauces obtained without the use of additives are prepared daily by our masters.

Our team prepares the portions meticulously and serves them in a short time.

The flavors of Alaziz, which reveals its difference at every stage from hot lavash to potatoes, from pickles to meat, from fast service to presentation style, create moments that leave a mark on the palate.

Adopting the principle of happy customer, Alaziz Turkish Restaurant sends off thousands of people every day saying "we wait again" with its understanding of friendly service.

We welcome you again to our page.

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